Gail Johnson
Operations Assistant

An employee of Kids, Incorporatedsince 1994, Gail is originally from Thousand Oaks, California, and graduated high school there. She attended Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa, and received an Associates degree from Amarillo College in 2001.

Before moving to Amarillo, Gail and her family lived inIndependence, Missouri. Gail currently serves as the Operations Assistant for Kids, Incorporated. Her primary duties include balancing cash transactions each day and making bank deposits. Gail also reconciles team rosters to ensure they agree with her cash records.

"Gail and I share one characteristic for sure... we are both perfectionists," says Jimmy R. Lackey, President & CEO. "While this can certainly be a double-edged sword at times, this organization relies on her attention to detail every day. I certainly appreciate this strength in Gail."

Lackey continues, "Gail came to Kids, Incorporated in 1994, about 15 months ahead of me. She too has withstood a multitude of change during her tenure. She has always gone out of her way to care for our customers. I am grateful to Gail for her years of service to Kids, Incorporated."

Gail is married to Paul who works for Pantex. She has four children – Jared; Phillip (married to Amanda Pankratz); Matthew; and Sarah (married to Joe Walter).  She has one granddaughter, Charlee. Gail enjoys singing in the choir at First Christian Church, sewing, quilting, and making crafts. Her favorite hobby is her granddaughter. Her favorite food is salad, and she says the best salad is at Logan’s!

Gail's Schools

Austin Middle School   Bivins Elementary 
Coronado Elementary  Olsen Park Elementary 
Paramount Elementary  Wolflin Elementary